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Stróżówka 145, 38-300 Gorlice
Tel. 0048 18352 26 16
Mob. 0048 608 013 098

Memorable stay in Stróżówka, Gorlice

We were privileged to host many honorable guests such as TVP2 crew with Katarzyna Popławska, Robert Makłowicz, Ewa Wachowicz, Radio Kraków broadcasting crew, Piotr Zień with family and friends, Zakopower Band, Grzegorz Halama, Jazz Band Ball Orchiestra with Harriet Lewis. Other than that we've had the possibility to host noble guests from Germany, England and Italy. They left positive comments in our guest book, which you can look into.

Weather in Gorlice:

Pogoda w Gorlicach